Powerful bird & team management application for any project

SaveAves is helping teams manage their ringing activities for thousands of birds. No matter if it's your personal project, ringing station or national center you get all the great tools.

Start quickly with your project

Import your birds, recoveries and collaborators within a minute with SaveAves smart spreadsheet import wizard.

Easily receive bird recoveries

No more dozens of emails in your inbox with different formatted or missing recovery data. All new recoveries are waiting for your review at your SaveAves dashboard.

Manage bird data securely

All data is stored in encrypted databases with multiple offsite backups.

Review recoveries and send bird data

Stop wasting your time and energy on manual work of preparing and sending bird and recovery data. Review all new recoveries on your dashboard. Send bird and recoveries data with single click to:

  • ring reader who repported new recovery
  • ringing centre country where bird was seen
  • ringer (collaborator who ringed the bird)
  • ringing centre in country where bird was ringed
  • ring readers who already saw the bird

Manage collaborators

Quick organize collaborators by adding them to teams based on their permission levels.

Add birds quickly

Reuse data from previously added bird and complete the work of adding bird data with minimal effort.

Get notified as bird is spotted

Receive email when bird is seen with all important data about recovery.

Report recoveries quickly and easily

Report recovery through single form which is pre-filled with data from previous recovery. This will save you from retyping repetative data such as location data.

Gets info about the bird

Get info about birds via email also bird with basic data is unlock to see in SaveAves app. Will get info about bird data in saveaves and get inform about future recoveries of bird.